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Conditions We Treat

Embrace Home Care Agency works with physicians and care continues to assist patients as they work towards independence. Some of the areas with which we can help are listed below. 

Cardiology Care / Congestive Heart Failure

Our team of skilled nurses provide specialized care after cardiac procedures or for people living with cardiac conditions, such as high blood pressure or congestive heart failure. We also provide care to manage the symptoms of cardiopulmonary (heart- and lung-related) conditions by assessing your condition and home environment and teaching you about your diagnosis, medications and oxygen usage. While monitoring your progress, we will be in direct communication with your physician.


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, our team of clinicians will instruct in the management of your diet, medications and blood sugar levels. Your physicians orders will be followed as we assist with required wound care or to help reduce the risk for falls due to weakness from your disease. Our clinicians will help to educate you about your diagnosis including blood sugar testing, exercise and diet, along with any additional individualized needs.

COPD & Respiratory Disease

If you are living with COPD or another respiratory disease, our skilled nurses and therapists can teach you how to manage your symptoms and recognize changes in how you feel to help prevent episodes and reduce the need for hospitalization. They can provide education about medications, oxygen therapy and energy conservation to manage your symptoms to decrease your limitations and increase the quality of your life.

Medication Management

Our skilled nurses help assist as you manage your medications by developing an individualized plan of care to ensure you are taking the correct medication/dosage, while addressing any side effects you may have that prevent you from following the regimen prescribed by your physician.

Surgical Recovery

After surgery, our skilled nurses can help assess your wound for healing while being alert for any signs of infection or other potential complications to help prevent hospitalization. With your physician’s orders, wound care can be accomplished at home where you will be more comfortable. They will educate you about any new devices you may have received after your surgery and can help you learn the effects and side effects of any new medications prescribed by your physician.

Wound Care

Wound care can be a difficult thing to manage on your own. Our skilled nurses will assess your wound for changes, monitor healing, treat complications as ordered by your physician, and educate you and/or your caregiver about proper care to promote wound healing.

Oncology Care & Cancer Awareness

A diagnosis of cancer can require different types of care and our skilled nurses will be there for you throughout your treatment. Our nurses can provide physician ordered pain control, education and emotional support. Speech therapists occupational therapists put their skills to use as they help you manage problems that arise. Physical therapists help with range-of-motion issues and strength-building as your treatment progresses.

You may be affected by social and emotional factors because of your diagnosis. Our medical social workers can refer you to community resources and assist you with coping with the demands of your illness.

Nephrology Care

A diagnosis of kidney disease can lead to the need for skilled nursing at home to assist you with medication management, education regarding your diagnosis, lab draws to assess function and diet management. Physical therapists work with you to build strength and endurance, and occupational therapists help you perform daily activities.

Urology Care

If you have urological disorders, our skilled nurses can assist with catheter care and education, pre- and post-surgical needs, urine retention issues, bladder training and lab work.

Fall Prevention

Working as a team, our skilled nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists can evaluate, education and assist patients regarding risk factors that contribute to falling, including weakness, vitamin deficiencies, difficulties with balance, medication use and home hazards. A specialized program is then developed to provide recommendations and a treatment plan to help prevent falls.

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